How to remove mold?

All water damage companies deal in mold remediation in homes and commercial areas. Mold is mostly found in humid areas like Florida. But any place or building can quickly become infested with mold when there is humidity and water presence. Any water source, like leaking roof or pipe can spread mold within 2 to 3 days. This mold produces allergens and irritants which are harmful for health can cause serious illness relating to respiratory system.

Mold is found floating in air everywhere, indoors and outdoors, in the form of spores. These mold spores enter your home through open doors, windows, AC/heating system or sitting on yourself or your pets. These mold spores thrive in humidity and quickly multiplied in colonies in water presence.

Mold is found in different types, mostly in walls, ceilings, in the cabinets, under sinks, under carpets, attics, crawling space and basements. With time mold spores multiply very quickly and spread on vast area. It is not recommended to do mold removal on your own; mainly because you need special equipment and tools to remove it otherwise it can harm your health severely. Secondly if it cannot be removed properly, the mold spores, not visible to naked eye, may spread and grow again.

If you smell a musty odor, must look around and check for leakage of water in your surroundings, you may find spots of mold of black or green color. When you try to tackle mold, its microorganisms dispersed in the air and inhaled by all inhabitants of the home. Black mold is more toxic than others.

You must call for mold and water damage repair company for the remediation of mold, who have proper knowledge to differentiate between the types of mold and skilled to treat them accordingly. It is important to remove mold properly and completely forever to live in healthy, mold free atmosphere. This mold situation needs to be evaluated by professionals for better results.

First it is important to look for the source of water and repair it otherwise molds will appear again, costing you more money and wasting your time.

Mold spread very quickly if untreated, so it must be its removal should be fast to help prevent to spread in other parts of your home. The professionals are certified and specialized in the mold remediation process with the help of advanced equipment and techniques. After detection of source of water, they isolate the affected area by closing all doors and windows and using air pressure chamber or using polythene sheet.

Move out and discard all moldy things in plastic bags. Things which can be salvaged are properly cleaned using wire brushes, disposable wipes and cleaning solutions until mold is removed and then rinsed with clean water.

Professionals use disinfectants and cleaners, powerful enough to kill harmful bacteria but safe for human health.

Now everything is properly dried to eliminate moisture, using air fans, humidifiers or raising indoor temperature.

After complete drying everything is replaced.

Home insurance policy covers accidental and sudden water damage issues, but mold damage is an exceptional case. Many insurance companies are now limiting or totally excluding coverage for mold-related damage.

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